Visit captivating Zakopane mountainous holiday resort.

zakopane transfers Regarded as the wintertime capital of Poland, Zakopane resort is a leisure time – spot also as summer season lasts for many tourists. Placed on the Malopolska voivodeship of Poland it lies in the vicinity of the boundary with Slovak Republic. It’s just around one hundred kilometers from the city of Krakow – you can get there in two hours. Continue reading


The Auschwitz Birkenau museum: remind the horrific record.

Auschwitz BirkenauThe institution recollects the victims of the holocaust huge death during the World War II. The museum is situated in Oświęcim, in southern Poland and includes two concentration camps: Auschwitz I and Auschwitz II-Birkenau. The Auschwitz State Museum was set in 1947 and further on is placed in many real constructions. The closing around field lies on almost two hundred hectars. Continue reading